Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Random act of beerness

So last night I was riding home from my new job at the New York Genome Center and as I was coming down the Manhattan Bridge into DUMBO I saw a very curious cardboard sign that simply read 'Free Beer'. It took my mind a second to process it but when it did I pulled over and sure enough there were a group of cyclists gathered on the grass around a cooler. I walked over and asked what was going on and was handed a cold can of beer. It turns out a guy (Trevor) who works at the Brooklyn Navy Yard for a small sign making company decide he wanted to share a few beers with random people so he bought two cases of beer filled up two coolers with ice and pulled them over to the grass area at the base of the bridge with his Radio Flyer wagon. Even though the beer wasn't what I would normally drink I hung out and had a few just talking to random people. When I left I offered to kick in a few bucks but Trevor said no but maybe next time. Things have been kind of rough these past six months in New York for me after getting laid off from Ogilvy & Mather and not having much of a social group but with this new job and running across Trevor and his free beer are making me feel like things are turning around. So I just want to say thanks to Trevor and look forward to drinking with you and other random cyclist again.

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Daniel Beeby said...

Trevor was out again last night at the base of the Manhattan Bridge (Brooklyn side). It was towards the end of the fourth annual "Free Beer" event, so it was only him and another fellow shooting the breeze when I stopped. Trevor seems to have no agenda and doesn't document the happening at all (no quantifying, "no hashtags"). The only points of dogma regarding "Free Beer" that I could get out of him are: he offers 120 Miller High Life cans (the C.O.B.) to random strangers, he takes only one friend with him to get things rolling, and the event is never announced.

After fifteen years here, I too was feeling a little down about New York City, but Trevor's random act of beerness gave me a much-needed little boost. Thanks!