Wednesday, October 13, 2010

CyanogenMod on my Nexus One

So I decide to try a community created ROM on my Nexus One and I went with the CyanogenMod ( because it appears to be the most popular. I have not found any good documentation which tells me what apps are included with it and what the purpose of the app is. So I am going through it listing the Apps and links to some documentation. Here we go:

ADWLauncher.apk -
This app replaces the Android Launcher which is the little bar at the bottom of the screen and gives you access to the apps drawer. What is nice about the ADWLauncher is you can customize what other apps are on the bar by simple dragging and dropping them onto the bar over the existing app shortcut that is there.

Needed to prevent force close when accessing CyanogenMod Settings
CM Parts Helper

DSPManager.apk -
This is a base system framework update, which gives enhanced sound processing capabilities to 2.2-based phones.

RomManager.apk -
ROM Manager is a Android front end to the Clockwork Recovery image.

Extra 'settings' menu

Sim Tool Kit; manages multiple SIM cards

There are a few other apps but they don't need much explanation. I also found this page on the CyanogenMod Wiki which has a good list Overall I'm happy with the CyanogenMod and look forward to new versions.