Saturday, October 13, 2012

Some political views

So in this season of politics I wanted to chime in on some of the issues, if you don't care about politics or my thoughts on the issues stop reading now.

First the budget and the military. I've come to think of the military as a body builder that is addicted to steroids. My thought is that no matter how big and muscular the body builder gets he still thinks he needs more steroids and just keeps taking them and will even take more if he has a chance. The U.S. military budget is bigger then the next 13 highest nations military budgets combined just do a Google search for 'size of the us military compared to other countries' and see the results yourself.

Second the George W. Bush tax cuts. I keep hearing that if these tax cuts expire it will hurt job creation but how is that possible? I mean if these tax cuts have been in affect since his presidency and through out the Obama administration well then where are all the jobs that they are supposedly creating? It just doesn't make sense.

Third education. I have always felt that funding our schools based on property tax is a flawed idea and does not create consistency in education. I mean shouldn't a kid in Brooklyn, NY be taught the same thing as a kid in Greenhorn, OR or a kid in Bearcreek, MT they are all Americans and will all have to join the same workforce eventually so why shouldn't they be given the same quality and consistency when it comes to education. I also have an idea as to how to get better and more teachers into education and that would be if you are a fulltime teacher in elementary & high school where your teacher salary is your primary income then you should not have to pay an income tax.

And finally Healthcare. This one is simple and two the point, have all elected officials pay for there own healthcare. That is all congresmen/women, senators, judges, governors, mayors, city council members, sherrifs, etc.