Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cheney in the hospital

News reports of Cheney going to the hospital because of some 'abnormal heart rhythms', so who would have known that Cheney actually has a heart.

The great liberal conspiracy

So I was listening to NPR yesterday and heard an old woman get on and talk about how she didn't like Obama and she mentioned the sex education program that conservatives are bringing up and trying to say that Obama wanted to corrupt our children. The woman went on about how liberals are trying to take over our education system and destroy our values. I am just so sick and tired of hearing about a liberal conspiracy in our education system and have news for conservatives THERE IS NO LIBERAL CONSPIRACY the only thing that is trying to be done in education is to get students to stop believing in ghosts and miracles and get them to think about the world in science and factual ways. The ones who do have a conspiracy when it comes to our education system is those conservatives who are in control and want to keep people ignorant so that they can control them