Sunday, February 16, 2014

I don't understand women

So a girl I dated briefly when I first moved to New York City recently got back in touch with me. We reconnected last weekend and pretty much picked up where we had left off. This weekend I asked if she wanted to meet me at Mercury Lounge in Lower Manhattan for a punk rock show and the following disaster unfolded (be warned foul language follows):

Me: Mercury Lounge is at 217 E Houston St you would take the R to 34th then F to 2 Av and need to leave your place between 5:30-6 to make the show at 7 2:11 PM
+(carzy chic): Ok im in 2:17 PM
+(carzy chic): Ill be there by 630 2:18 PM
+(carzy chic): Just make sure u are lol 2:18 PM
Me: I'll be there at 6:30 for sure. Show will most likely be over by 10:30 at the latest. 2:24 PM
+(carzy chic): I haven't a curfew. .lol 2:34 PM
+(carzy chic): Do you want me to come? 2:47 PM
Me: Yes 2:48 PM
Me: And it is good to know you don't have a curfew 2:48 PM
+(carzy chic): Ok .. lol ill be there then 2:48 PM
+(carzy chic): Im taking a nap now 2:49 PM
Me: Have something to ho 5:21 PM
Me: ld you over till after the show because no food at Mercury lounge 5:22 PM
+(carzy chic): No I knew that. 5:23 PM
Me: Be careful walking 5:25 PM
+(carzy chic): Im getting in shower now. I will b e babe 5:28 PM
+(carzy chic): Im wearing what I wore ladt night since no one saw me. Is that ok for the show?? 6:00 PM
Me: You could go even more casual if you want but whatever u feel comfortable in 6:01 PM
Me: I'm wearing boots, jeans, long sleeve beer shirt, hoodie and vest 6:02 PM
Me: I'm leaving now, if I am not outside and it is after 7 I'll be inside 6:04 PM
+(carzy chic): Ok cool . Im leaving in 10 6:05 PM
Me: Dress for snow and wimd 6:14 PM
+(carzy chic): Yeah im dressing to look hot 6:17 PM
Me: No dress for snow. Seriously 6:18 PM
+(carzy chic): Ok 6:28 PM
Me: Thanks 6:31 PM
+(carzy chic): I still look hot though lol 6:32 PM
+(carzy chic): Holy shit scott its bad out 6:35 PM
Me: Kind of 6:36 PM
+(carzy chic): Kind of?? 6:36 PM
Me: Sort of? 6:37 PM
+(carzy chic): Its bad babbe 6:37 PM
+(carzy chic): Omg I just got a snow facial 6:38 PM
Me: Yeah best you stay in 6:38 PM
+(carzy chic): I agree but im all dressed 6:38 PM
+(carzy chic): Pick a bar after and ill cab it 6:39 PM
Me: Really! 6:39 PM
+(carzy chic): Yes really its bad out 6:40 PM
+(carzy chic): Im cabbing it 6:40 PM
+(carzy chic): Im a girl 6:46 PM
Me: The Library on 7th ave is the closest bar 6:48 PM
Me: But I'm questioning you coming out at all. 6:48 PM
Me: It is bad 6:49 PM
+(carzy chic): If you pay my cab ill come 6:50 PM
Me: I'll pay your cab but your not going to make the show 6:51 PM
+(carzy chic): Ok 6:52 PM
Me: Do you want me to text you when it is over and I will wait at the library for you or would you just want to meet me in DUMBO? 6:53 PM
+(carzy chic): Tell me 6:54 PM
Me: I still question even being in a cab 6:54 PM
+(carzy chic): Ill meet youin dumbo give me an address and time 6:55 PM
Me: I'll text you after the show with time address is either bridge and Plymouth streets or Jay St and something 6:56 PM
+(carzy chic): Ok cool give me an hour heads up so I can call a cab 6:59 PM
+(carzy chic): Ill be at your apt by 10 7:03 PM
Me: That might be to early, try for 10:30 or even 45 7:11 PM
+(carzy chic): Ok 7:12 PM
+(carzy chic): Im waiting on u 7:31 PM
+(carzy chic): Ill take a cab no prob 7:32 PM
+(carzy chic): Tell me when to leave 7:46 PM
+(carzy chic): Street address 7:47 PM
Me: Scandals, the band I really wanted to see, just finished but waiting for the Queers. 8:03 PM
Me: Queers up next 8:39 PM
Me: Am I paying for your cab to DUMBO? 8:39 PM
+(carzy chic): Yes in cab now 8:47 PM
+(carzy chic): Im coming to dumbo 8:49 PM
+(carzy chic): Babe pick b ip 9:01 PM
+(carzy chic): I cannot pay for this cab 9:01 PM
+(carzy chic): List4n douche bag im atvuour house 9:53 PM
+(carzy chic): You are such a douche bag 10:00 PM
+(carzy chic): Ifuckindespise v u 10:00 PM
Me: Show just finished 10:01 PM
+(carzy chic): Fuc k u dick 10:01 PM
+(carzy chic): Fuck u 10:01 PM
Me: So am I to take it that you don't want to see me 10:02 PM
+(carzy chic): Fuck u asshoke 10:02 PM
+(carzy chic): Fuck u 10:02 PM
Me: Not sure what brought this on 10:03 PM
Me: Leaving a rock show now 10:05 PM
+(carzy chic): Go fucking die 10:06 PM
+(carzy chic): I fuciking hate u 10:08 PM
+(carzy chic): Im sio pretty and you fucking blow 10:09 PM
Me: Really? What the fuck? I'm heading back to my place now 10:10 PM
+(carzy chic): Fjck u 10:12 PM
+(carzy chic): You blow 10:18 PM
+(carzy chic): You soo like to punish me... 10:33 PM
+(carzy chic): Go gu5ck off 10:33 PM
+(carzy chic): Fuck off 10:34 PM

I was clearly wrong; however, about what I can't really say? I clearly told her what time the show was starting and when I would be there and when she should leave to be there on time. Once she missed the 6:30 meet time we agreed to meet later that evening with me telling her after the show when and where even stating general ball park times as to when the show would be over and I would be ready to meet up. So when I came out of a enjoyable show feeling good and then to see the barrage of texts along with about ten missed calls (I was at a punk rock show so I wasn't going to hear the phone ring no matter how loud it can get) needless to say it made for a horrible way to end an evening.